Twitter’s Live-Streaming Strategy

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Twitter has recently introduced live streaming on its page for most of the users. It mostly aims to stream National hockey league, Baseball league and National Football League. Infact on thursday Football league got a good coverage by Twitter which was quite a flawless execution by the team.

Twitter has been able to achieve success by a technical standpoint but not in case of grabbing user’s attention. According to NFL, Twitter grabbed an attention of approximately 243.000 viewers for New York Jets beat the Buffalo Bills yesterday. This surely pales in comparison to 15.4 million audience who watched the game on CBS and NFL Network.

This is infact showing that still audience loves to watch live streaming on their local networks then on a difficult streaming on Twitter.

Twitter still has to work hard for enticing viewers to watch coming up live streaming broadcast on twitter  like National Hockey league and National Baseball league. Twitter is also trying to get Soccer streaming on their website soon this or the next year to come.

Twitter also has the lowest viewers as compared to 2.36 million viewers per minute who watched live streaming of Jacksonville Jaguars played in London on Yahoo Inc. last october.

According to NFL and CBS, for thursday’s game Twitter collected almost 2.1 million viewers for 3 seconds of viewing with the video player in fill view. Whereas, they estimated 48.1 million viewers for CBS & NFL for at least one minute viewing.

After thursday’s game, Twitter is appealing advertisers by capitalizing on its real time service and coming up services. Twitter definitely needs more users as well as advertisers to support their live streaming for future broadcast.

Undoubtedly Twitter is still a difficult social media site for average users from across the globe if compared to FaceBook or Instagram. This is the main reason why most of the users didn’t turn up to twitter live streaming on Thursday. They seriously needs to work on this side of twitter first.


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On the bright side, Twiiter was complemented by its users for a high definition video quality with flawless execution. They users who did not have access to live streaming on their television screen gave it a thumbs up. The users who forgot about their Twitter account had a great reason to come back as well.

It is going to be a long term project for Twitter to reach the level of FaceBook in regards to its easy to use and understand user interface. Twitter needs to work harder for a better live streaming broadcast as well as attracting its users soon before they have the next real time streaming later this year.