From Russia With Dumb Stuff

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set 1  A s I do every year, this January I made a trip back to my native land to see my family and reconnect with my roots. Each time I go, I like to bring back a little piece of Russia to share. But since black caviar is banned and wouldn’t do so well traveling through a series of tubes anyway, you’ll have to make do with a couple of delicious little snippets of life and culture in THE BIGGEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

Meet Via Gra, a pop group made up of three replaceable hot women. The Via stands for “Vocal-Instrumental Ensemble,” and the Gra is there for ultimate arousal. Here they are doing a cover of America’s favorite bachelorette party hit.

And because you’re mainly reading this for an explanation of the photo above, it’s a coffee table! Found at St. Petersburg’s famous & fancy Gostiny Dvor shopping center while browsing for Zenit souvenirs, this poor fellow costs a pretty penny. Click to enlarge and check out the suction cups on his head and knees!