Rumor: Kim Jong-Un Assassinated In China

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Kim Jong-Un, successor to his father, Kim Jong-il, as the leader of North Korea, is rumored to be dead following a shooting incident at his hotel in Beijing. The details are scarce — and unconfirmed by any major news source — but if it’s true, it could set off a war between North Korea and China that might threaten the entire world.

We’re still waiting to hear any sort of official word from Chinese or North Korean officials. Here’s a rundown of rumors we’ve seen so far…

“I have a source confirming extremely high alert and activity levels at embassies and military installations throughout the region. I was told not to ask anything further, as they’re quite busy with the situation and probably not cleared to say anything. This source is a high-level civilian at the Pentagon I knew years ago. I was amazed she responded to me. To be clear, she said nothing about the assassination story or the rumors of Chinese military crossing into NK.” – militant, a Reddit user

“According to reliable sources, North Korean leader [Kim Jong-Un was killed] in Beijing in February 10 2012, at 2 o’clock and 45 minutes. Unknown persons broke into his residence shot and were subsequently shot and killed by the bodyguard.” – from Weibo, a Chinese blogger site

“Probably fake like last rumor of coup,” from Chinese journalist Joe Xu on his Twitter account.

“The story is reportedly as follows: multiple assassins barged into Jong Un’s room, shot him, then were shot themselves by bodyguards.” – our friends at the Good Men Project.

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